Skrill is an online based money transferring platform. You can send money from one friend to another, one bank to another, you can link your Skrill account to betting sites,forex trading etc.

Founded in 2001, the company was originally known as Moneybookers. It wasn’t a PayPal contender — it was for people to move money whether they have earned them by gambling or betting online. That’s still one of Skrill’s product offerings, too. It’s owned by Paysafe Group who are also known for Neteller and Paycard.

Since the beginning it has gained trust of people. Be it for Bets online,Digital Wallet, Merchants service.

You can use it for personal purpose or business purpose. At first you will see three sections in menu bar. The first one is Money transfer.
From the option when you click you will see 4 sub options.I f you want to transfer money you can select the first one. The 2nd one is International money transfer. Its for internationally transferring money. The receive money option is for receiving online payment. And the last one is for transferring money to a friend. Its a direct process.

The next option in the menubar is Pay Online. Here you can find options related to betting sites, games o line, Forex trading, Shopping. You can bet your money through skrill in betting sites, you can pay your shopping bills too through skrill.
3rd option is Vip programme. If you use skrill for a long long time then you will get some benefits under VIP Programme. Like low cost when transferring money,Money back,Vouchers etc.

Now going to opening account. At first you have to give your mail and a random Password. Now you will get a register form like page. In this page you have to provide your name,address,permanent address,date of birth etc. Make sure you provide valid informations because if the infos dont match then your account won’t be verified. To verify your info you have to provide any of passport, utility bills,pan card,electric bills etc. And you must give your bank statement from last 3 months.

Something which is confusing is the fact that Skrill offers business, merchant, and commercial accounts. (There’s also a difference between personal and customer accounts.) Each one is for specific use. If you want to accept payments online, a merchant user account is what you’re after.

Skrill’s merchant services are divided into two categories:

Wallet payments: Skrill allows merchants to accept payments from customers who use the digital wallet.

Hosted payments: The hosted payment section allows you to accept payments from Skrill users and those without an account. After they crosscheck your website, they are redirected to the Skrill site to complete the transaction. You can also enable an iframe to accept payments through Skrill while keeping customers on your homepage. Skrill brags that hosted payments supports “more than 20 local payment methods and over 80 direct bank transfer connections with a single integration.”

Fees & Rates

You can’t see merchant processing rates on Skrill’s site.Or either can be said you can’t find U.S. processing rates on the U.S. site. But you can find the rates for European merchants with no trouble, on the Integrations page.

Account setups, account maintenance, and fraud protection tools are all free with Skrill, which is good for first timers.

Digital Wallet Transactions: 1.9% + €0.29
Quick Checkout Transactions: 1.9% + €0.29
Chargeback Fee: €25

There are lots of different options available to deposit funds into your account .Besides the standard bank transfer option, you can also use:
1.Bank Transfer
2.Master Card
3.Maestro Card
4.Visa Card
5.American Express
8. Neteller

Withdrawal options

There are three options for Withdrawing your money. These are available –
1. Bank Transfer
2. Wire Card
3. Visa card

In addition you can also use your Skrill PrePaid MasterCard for ATM withdrawals and send money via p2p transfer to another Skrill account.

Customer Service
Their customers are treated importantly when evaluating a financial service.Skrill is known to give their customers the help they need 24/7. Additionally, they have trained representatives who can 12 different languages, and so customers will be helped no matter what country they live in. There are various ways to contact Skrill including fax, email, phone, and mail.

Skrill provides high security for their customers. Money and information they provide are absolutely safe. So people can engage in the platform without having doubts.

At last,For those who want a safe and secure means of depositing funds online then Skrill is one of the best options out there.The advantages of using Skrill and the minimal fees give the customers an effective and safe way to send and receive money without giving away your private information. So,it has the ingredients to be your online banker.