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Bet365 Review

Bet365 Review

A lot of people are worried about gambling online. They fear being of ripped off online. If you are the one and you are a beginner, then, Bet365 is the best site for you to try your luck. It is nowhere close to local bookmakers and is a renowned name in the category.

It is a big company based out of the UK and they have a huge customer base worldwide. Trust us, if they were to be pulled off, then everyone would have been after them. They are a legit company who don’t let you down. If you are looking to bet then it is one of the largest sports-book to deal with, whether it is cricket or any other sports.

Who is Bet365?

Bet365 is the largest sports gambling company from the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2000 and is based out of Stoke-On-Trent, England. They offer a lot of options in gambling along with casino, poker, games and have a customer base of around 35 million worldwide.

The sports betting, casino, and poker are licensed and regulated by the Government of Gibraltar.


Is Bet365 ethical?

Yes, absolutely. They have operated for a long time and never have been questioned by the authorities. It is the safest place for your money and online sports gambling. The bookmaker is under the authorization of United Kingdom laws and hence they need to showcase a fair play. The only problem with them is that limit the bet size of the good bettors.


How to join Bet365?

You can sign up on Bet365 easily here at It is a simple process and you need to provide some of your personal details and choose your username and password. There is an additional four-digit code that you need to quote while contacting the site. It is an added security for the account.

There are a lot of sign up offers and bonuses available and if you make a deposit at the time of signing up, it asks for the code. You can get the codes under the ‘Promotions’ tab on the website. It is better to be aware of the terms and conditions for each bonus as there might be some restrictions in bonus credit.

They have a proper assistance section where you can get help while signing up. There are a lot of questions which are answered or you can contact the customer service via email, phone or live chat.


Betting Options at Bet365

Initially, Bet365 was all about sports betting. But now they have started the services for casino, poker, and bingo as well. Though betting on sports is their main forte because there are much better sites to play poker and casino. But there is no better place to bet on sports till now.

There are numerous options available in the market to bet and we are pretty sure you can get them all here. Some of the sports are listed below,  Cricket, Tennis, Badminton, Football, Horse Racing, Baseball, Boxing, Cycling, Motor Racing, And Many More.

It includes the major sports events like Champions league in soccer, ATP in tennis, Indian Premier League in cricket and other International cricket matches. Other T20 series like Twenty20 Big Bash, Tamil Nadu Premier League are also available to gamble.


Cricket Betting on Bet365

Cricket is the most followed sports and cricket lovers like to be updated with scores from around the globe. They have an option for the live stream of matches for the members which much better than their audio updates.

The site offers odds for the cricket match in the various betting markets. When you select the cricket betting option on the site, there are two categories:

   In-Play- These are the live cricket matches which are ongoing and the odds keep on changing as the match progresses.

   Match Coupon- These are scheduled matches and you can select the betting market as per your wish before the match starts.


What are odds and how to place a bet?

Odds are basically the amount you will win once you win the bet. There is an option for the odd values to be shown in decimal or fraction.

To calculate your winning amount, you need to multiply your stake amount by the odd value.

Example- If the odd is 1.5 and you have put a stake of $10, then the total amount you will receive on winning the bet would be 1.5 x $10 = $15.

To be pretty sure of the amount you receive on winning the bet, they have an option for the Bet Slip. You can generate you bet slip by putting in your stake amount for the match. It shows the total amount you would be getting on winning the bet.


What is the cash out feature?

It is one of the good features of Bet365. It allows you to settle the bet early before even the final results. For example, if you place a bet on XYZ team for winning the match but halfway down you feel that the results might not be favorable, then you cash out your bet. You will get either the profit if the XYZ team was performing well or you’ll lose if the team was not performing well.

This feature has been rolled out by other websites as well and we assume it to be a great help for the bettors.

Bet365 also allows to cash out your wager in parts which means you can either cash out a part of your wager and let the rest to be in play. This feature, however, is not given by all the websites. It is all or nothing.


By now you would be clear that it is overall the best sports gambling site. Though they may lack on some points, there is no other gambling site which gets everything right. They are constantly improving and we expect them to be much better by coming days.

Bet365 is the go-to site for anyone looking for safe and secured gambling online. There is no reason to look for another betting site when we have the pioneers of sports online gambling.